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About Me.

Jucel Andrin is a Filipino-American Director of Photography based in the Greater Los Angeles area with a primary working emphasis in Film/TV and Commercials.
Jucel got his start in the filmmaking industry as an Electrician in the Grip & Electric department working his way up to become a Chief Lighting Technician/Gaffer, and eventually completing a full transition into working as an established Director of Photography.
Having worked in the film industry for almost 4 years, Jucel has worked on featured commercial projects for brands such as Beats, Aputure, Pacsun, and Meta working closlely with reputable production companies and agencies.
As a cinematographer, his narrative films have been selected & screened at prestigious film festivals such as AAIFF, BAAFF, Austin Film Festival, and Outfest Fusion Film Festival.
Jucel’s image-making sensibilities carry a unique blend of dynamic camera movements, conscious composition, and skillful lighting expression. He is known for his ability to bring an intimate and immersive visual palette to each project he works on, and for his synerg
istic approach to filmmaking.

His strengths lie in his extensive background in music & dance; two art forms that heavily influence his visual style, approach and cadence in his storytelling. 

Music Videos.

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