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About Me.

Jucel Andrin is a Director of Photography based in Los Angeles, California. With an invigorating drive for engineering visual images, Jucel's started his journey as an Electrician in the Grip & Electric department eventually working as a Chief Lighting Technician/Gaffer before transitioning into a Director of Photography.

Immersed in the magic of filmmaking, Jucel has lent his visual prowess on commercial projects for renowned brands like Beats, Meta, Hyundai, Aputure, Pacsun, and many more. Beyond the commercial realm, some of his narrative films have earned coveted slots at esteemed festivals like AAIFF, BAAFF, Austin Film Festival, and Outfest Fusion Film Festival.

Jucel's eye blends a symphony of dynamic camera movements, deliberate compositions, and intentional interplay of light. Each project is a vessel to create intimate and immersive visual narrative experiences. His modus operandi is one of synergy, seamlessly weaving his unique touch into the tapestry of filmmaking with his collaborators.

Drawing strength from an eclectic background in music and dance, Jucel's visual storytelling is a rhythmic ensemble, a harmonious blend of unique cadence and expression; always striving to leave an indelible imprint in every frame.

Music Videos.
Episodic Web Content.

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